What does Santa Claus bring us? GdeB to participate until December 20, 2021!

After our first social media presentation on Facebook and Instagram started, we thought, how could we better involve our readers. Our community lives very much from the joint work and therefore we would like you to comment on all (old and new) pictures of our Winter Sommerwenden calendar.
Please comment on the visible animals or plants in a short portrait in your native language and in English.
Please pay attention to the copyrights. The pictures will be posted at different times each day and whoever comes first will be ahead.

From the daily comments we will draw
e will draw one user each for the final draw of the following prizes sponsored by GdeB:
1x 4 unit seats at a member club occupancy site of your choice.
1x one year membership in a member club of the GdeB of your choice
1x a book “My experiences with the Buckfast bee” Günther Ries
1x a book “Beekeeping with Dadant and Mini-Plus” Rainer Schwarz
6x a GdeB pin and a GdeB sticker

As a consolation for the non-social media participants, we can already reveal, in the upcoming publication of the Buckfastimker we will also have a participation contest.

GdeB – winter summer turn calendar with participation option
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